Cleaning the Crystal Chandelier Properly

Maintaining the Crystal ChandelierCrystal chandelier is one of the best ornaments that you could use for your home. It will bring great appeal to the room where you install the chandelier.

Crystal chandelier is often chosen by many homeowners when they decide to improve the lighting fixture on their most important area such as living room or dining room. This elegant fixture is a perfect choice to decorate the main room which is often gets visited by guests.

The stacks of beautiful crystals on the fixture will make the room appear more elegant. And the way that crystals reflect and disperse the light will pleased the eyes who seen it. Unfortunately the beautiful spark from the crystal will not last very long if you do not take care of it properly.

You must clean all of the crystals properly and regularly to keep them sparkling and dazzled your guest. You need to clean the chandelier at least once a year. Scheduled the clean up when you have a lot of time to spare since the cleaning process will take quite some times.

Here are few tips to clean the crystal in your chandelier and keep it sparkly;

Dry cloth and feather duster – Use a piece of dry cloth or feather duster to clear of the dust that attached to the crystal’s surface.

Wet cloth – Wet cloth can also be used to clean the chandelier, but when using a wet cloth, make sure that you use scratch and lint free cloth. This is to keep the crystal surface smooth and avoid getting scratch by the cloth. If the crystal’s surface is getting scratch, it will no longer reflect the light properly like it used to.

When cleaning the crystal with wet cloth, you can use soapy water to have better result in cleaning the dust. Wipe the crystals orderly every single one of them one at the time, so you do not missed any crystals.

Disassembled the chandelier – Using this method will help you to clean every crystals on the chandelier easily. But, you will need more time and effort for the disassembled and assembled it back since the process must be done step by step to avoid any damages and keep the chandelier organized.

Hire professional cleaner – using professional chandelier cleaner service can help you avoiding the hassle of cleaning and putting the chandelier back in orderly manner. But, you will have to spend extra budget to hire the cleaner service.

Nevertheless, this can protect the chandelier and the crystals from getting damage in case you do not know what you are doing or cannot do it properly. Choose reputable service company to perform the cleaning to make sure that your crystal chandelier is being taken care of by the expert. The cleaning process can be perform at your house or at the cleaning service’s office

No matter what method you choose, the most important thing is that you must take care this beautiful lighting fixture properly. The cleaning process must be performed carefully to make sure that the chandelier will be function as it should be for a long time.

Improving Your Front Porch

Improving Your Front PorchImprove your porch and give your home a fresh look by changing some elements at your home’s porch. This project can improve your house appearance and comfort and can be done by yourselves without using too much budget.

Give your porch a new and fresh paint job and your porch will look more beautiful. You could also fix the loose railing, floor, steps and clean the stains and mold. Here are some tips that you can do by yourselves and help you to give a new look to your porch from the ceiling to the flooring;


Change the old porch’s ceiling board with the new one. Try to get the more stylish ceiling boards such as bead, stained or painted ceiling board. It will add some charm and warmth to your porch.

The installation is quite easy. If you prefer do not want to make too much mess and make it much simpler, you can just put it over the old ceiling board, on the condition that the old ceiling board is still in a good condition. But, if they already worn out, it will be much better if you just remove the old ceiling board and replace it with the new one.


These days you can change your porch columns with a different style easily. There are various products with various styles available for you. You can change the appearance from rectangular shape to the round one, or give additional pieces to make it look like different design.

But, if you prefer the simple method, you can just clean the old columns and give them a new fresh paint to make them like new columns again.


Improve the style of your railing porch using different balusters. You can easily find many different balusters that available in various designs, shapes, materials and colors. From modern design to classic designs are available in many home centers. Or if you are tired with balusters, you can change to the solid knee wall railing and add some patterns or beautiful color on it.


Porch’s decking or flooring can determine the overall appearance of your porch. There are various options that you can choose for the decking. You can choose whether using wood, concrete, ceramic or any other great materials that available.

If you want to stick to the old wood decking, you should fix any loose wood and replace the damage part with the new wood, and then give the whole decking a new layer of varnish stain or paint to make it look new and fresh.

Most people often become too busy to pay attention to their house. This makes them to less notice about the appearance of their porch. There are various affordable improvement option that you can do it yourselves (DIY) that available for your porch. Just use your imagination to plan the improvement, and you will able to determine the right method to do it.

Few Cheap Landscaping Improvement Tips

On the last post we were discussing about some cheap and small home improvement options. We will continue our last discussion only this time by improving your garden and landscape using cheap and small methods.

Cleaning the driveway

Having a clean driveway will make your house look more appealing than having a messy and dirty one. You could purchase driveway cleaner from any home center near your neighborhood for less than $20.

It will remove grease and unwanted stains that have been decorating your driveway for so long easily. And you can do it by yourself without have to hire a contractor just to clean your driveway.

Clean the curb

You should aware that the curb including the sidewalk can be considered as a part of your property. So, when you are cleaning your driveway, you might as well taken care the curb too.

Use some plants

Plant some plants on your front yard to make it look more green and refreshing. There are various pretty plants that you can get it cheaply from the plants nursery near your neighborhood. With 6 or 7 variety of plants with different colors you can improve your yards and creating a small yet wonderful garden for your home.

But, make sure that the nursery where you bought the plants from is giving you a warranty for every plant that you bought. So, you can get free replacement if the plants die not long after you have planted them.

Install porch light

This small yet beautiful lighting device can bring the antiquity to your porch. You can buy it from local home center or if you are lucky, you might find it from somebody’s garage sale with a very cheap price. It is only a small and cheap piece, but it can bring big impact to your porch and make it more attractive.

Trim the trees and shrubs

Trimming the plants and trees will help make your house look more orderly, neat and beautiful. It is also letting the sunlight going through the lawn to make all the plants healthier and make your lawn brighter.

Few Cheap Home Improvement Tips

Home improvement is a great way to improve your house value and attract more potential buyer for your home. Unfortunately, not everybody can afford to get home improvement project due to their limited budget.

But, the truth is there are so many home improvement options that despite being small and cheap, they are also can improve your house value significantly. So, here are some affordable home improvement ideas that you can do without costing too much;


Getting new shutters can give fresh look to your home. Many stores provide shutters with low price, especially if you can get the plain one. You can paint them yourselves with some left over paint or buying a new paint that suit to your taste. Most of these cheap shutters usually made from faux wood, so they would not cost you too much.

Windows screen

Replacing your windows screen is also another good yet affordable option. Remove the old, dirty and worn out windows screen can make your home look cleaner. Your guest or home prospective buyer feel more welcomed and want to stay a little longer.

Cleaning the windows

You can wash your windows using soap and water. This will remove the dirt that sticking to the glass and the tracks from dust and rain. This will help the sunlight to enter your house through the windows easier.

Your home interior will become brighter and give positive mood to everyone who staying inside the house. Beside washing the windows, you should also wash and clean the frame too or giving them a new color by paint them if the frames is also start to worn out. So, your windows can look fresh and like a brand new.

Garage sale

Get rid all of the stuffs that you do not use it anymore but still valuable and worth of money by holding a garage sale. The stuffs that you keep but no longer used will only make your home and garage look messy, stuff and crowded.

It does not look very appealing to prospective buyer or guests when they are visiting your home. Get rid of those stuffs will make your home and garage look more spacious, cleaner and more attractive for people to look at.