Fixing Warrantied Appliances

Do you know any aspects that get coverage by a warranty? Well, depend on the product and term, it may get varied. But mostly the warranty will cover the overall repair or fully replacement with similar product.

Some warranty may also cover the labor and shipping cost, while other warranties will need to charge their customer for it. So, every customer must aware about this detail when buying product that has warranty on it.

The time range of the warranty can also vary depend on the product. Some products even have different warranty time range on its different spare parts despite those spare parts are consisting of the same product.

Usually it is stated in many warranty terms that repair or replacement from unauthorized party will void the warranty. So, if you decide to fix the appliances by yourself, you should check the warranty card to find out which part that is not or no longer get coverage by the warranty and if it all right to remove or replace it without making the warranty become void.

After you have determine that the damage part was not covered by the warranty and do not include in the warranty terms, then you can safely fix it by yourself or go to the professional technician.

To make sure that the technician is skillful enough or has good experience, there are few things that you need to pay attention regarding to their expertise such as; the amount of their experience, their training and knowledge or maybe if they are certified or not, their labor cost outside the spare part replacement, their workshop, and compensation if they are unable to fix it.

So, you will be sure that your appliances will be fix safely and able to function properly again. It will be better if you have signed contract with the technician, especially regarding the cost. So, you would not get overcharged for the fixing cost that is done from verbal agreement.

Make sure that you also explain the problem and symptom that is happening. This will help the technician’s speed when fixing your appliances rather than making the whole diagnose that can increase the repair cost.

By improving your appliance’s warranties comprehensions and able to choose the right repair service, there is a good chance that you will able to save time for the repairmen and also save some money for the repair cost.

Warranty to Protect Your Household Appliances

WarrantyWhat are the choices that you have when your household appliance or other miscellaneous things are broken while the warranty is still valid? Should you try to fix it whether by yourself or professional service and get it fixed right away, or should you return it to the manufacturer and wait for few days or perhaps a few weeks?

Before deciding to fix it by yourself or take it to professional technician or repairman, you should determine whether the appliances is broken because of your doing or is it because the manufacturer’s problem. But first of all let’s find out about warranty itself.

Warranty is a feature that is provided by manufacturer, service provider or seller to their buyer or customer that guarantee that their product or service is functioning as promised, if the product or service is malfunction, the manufacturer or seller will whether refund their customer money, change with the item that working properly or fix the item without charging the customer.

Not every product or service has warranty. If there is a warranty included, usually it will have some limitations which make it become invalid or the warranty will not cover the damage such as expire time, any damages caused by improper use from the customer, natural disaster or accident. Warranty will apply when the manufacturer or retailer has received the product’s warranty form from the customer.

You might have heard about extended warranty. The truth is this type of warranty is merely a service contracts for a specific time range after the original warranty has expired which is paid in advance. In many cases, the seller has bigger profit in the extended warranty compare to the profit from the appliance’s sales itself. This is because the customers might not need to fix the product and use the extended warranty until the extended has reached its time limit.

But the extended warranty could become very useful for any fragile products such as delicate electronic appliances. But the extended warranty could become waste of money if you spent it on sturdier products. Therefore think wisely before deciding to purchase the extended warranty. It is whether you could save your money to protect your valuable appliances or you could end up wasting your money for appliances protection that you would not needed.

Simple Steps to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

Do you have any idea that your home’s air quality could be much worse compare to the quality of air outside your home? This is quite true if you have neglected the importance of proper ventilation, the level of humidity and the use of unsafe appliances.

Each of all of those factors can lower your home air quality, causing the increase the air pollutants inside the house resulting health problem such as irritation to respiratory system, nausea, dizziness, fatigue and headaches. And if the condition does not improved, the irritation will develop further into serious diseases.

So, now that you understand the importance of good quality air for you and your family, it will be wise to do the necessary thing to improve the air quality in your home. Here are some easy ways to do it;

Open up your windows

Try to open up your windows as much as you possibly can to bring the outside air into your home and improve the air circulation in your home. So, the indoor air will be replaced by outside air that is still fresh.

To ensure that the outside air is going inside the house, you can turn on the ceiling fan or using oscillating fan. You also might want to consider turning on the attic fan to replace the attic air.

Use houseplants

Many houseplants can become natural air filter that can remove dangerous substances in the air such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde or benzene. The houseplants also produce oxygen as byproduct, so it will make the indoor air much fresher. For better result, try to arrange the houseplants in your home for every 10 square yard, and you will notice that you can breathe easier inside your house.

Do not use your shoes inside the house

Take off your shoes at the entryway of your home. This will prevent the dirt from the bottom of your shoes getting scatter all over the house. This will reduce the amount of dust in the air inside your home. Your home also will be a lot cleaner and reduce the amount of effort when sweeping or vacuuming the floor.

Eco-friendly cleaning products

Most cleaning product that are sold contain dangerous chemical that can be toxic for people who live inside the house. Those substances usually will leave some residues that could be accidentally inhaled by anybody in the house. So, it will be better to switch your cleaning product with the nontoxic cleaning products.

Clean your house often

Sweep and vacuum inside the house often to remove any small substance such as dust and debris in your home every week. The more often is better, especially when there are pets in your house. You might want to consider in using a HEPA filter vacuum for better result in vacuuming in the house.

Buy the air purifier

Using an air purifier will assist you to remove tobacco smoke, mold, mildew, pollen and other air pollutants in the air inside your house.

After you have done all of those above, you will be noticing that you can breathe easier and lighter inside your own home.

Three Basic Causes from the Damp in Your Home

Damp in Your HomeDamp is the most common factor that causing problems for many homeowner. Basically there are three damp types that happen in any house which is, the condensation, the damp that penetrating from outside, and the increasing of damp in the house. All of these damp types are caused by different reasons and require different types of solution.


Condensation is occur when there is large amount of moisture trapped inside the building and cannot escape. Condensation is happen if the warm air is contacted with a cold surface thus resulting into water droplets. A noticeable sign of condensation can be seen by the present of black mold on the surfaces of hard objects with a musty odor.

Condensation is usually happen because the house or building do not has proper ventilation. Therefore the water vapor which is produced from the activities inside the building such as cooking, bathing, or from radiator cannot escape from the building.

There are some simple ways to reduce the amount of condensation in your building such as;

Using low ground heating during cold weather can help reduce cold spots to reduce the risk of water droplets formation.

Improving the building’s ventilation by installing extractor fans in area where moisture are produced such as kitchen and bathrooms.

Try not to dry the clothes inside the building unless it is necessary and if you can use a lid when cooking.

Install a dehumidifier to separate moisture from the air inside the room.

Wipe out any water droplets as soon as you notice it.

Penetrating damp

This type of damp is happen because of the moisture or water are coming from outside the house or building. It is usually because of broken plumbing, building problems, leak roof, damage or improper rain gutters, windows and doors gaps, and any other opening to the outside environment.

When this is happen, you will able to see damp patches on the surface of ceiling or walls where the water is contacted with the other side of ceiling or walls. Penetrating damp often happen and happen faster in building that is built with solid wall.

There are some methods to avoid the damp which is penetrating from outside environment such as;

Make sure that the rain gutters system is in proper condition and clean it from any object that can block the water.

Use paints that have good quality for the external walls to reduce the risk of water penetrating from the outside of walls.

Fill the doors and windows gap.

Check the roof regularly to see if there are any leakages, damages or gaps on it that can be use as entry for the rain.

Rising damp

Rising damp happens because the early sign of damp is unnoticeable. The damp keep happening and increasing without being fixed or controlled until it is damaging certain area of the building. When this is happen you will see some fluffy powder below the wall, the wall’s plaster become softer and the mold is growing.

Here are some methods to reduce the risk of having rising damp in your home;

Don’t let any garden soil stick on the wall since it will store the moisture.

Clean the drains from any debris regularly.

Install the damp proof course for your home. You will need damp proof specialist to do this for you, so it will be installed properly.