Few Cheap Home Improvement Tips

Home improvement is a great way to improve your house value and attract more potential buyer for your home. Unfortunately, not everybody can afford to get home improvement project due to their limited budget.

But, the truth is there are so many home improvement options that despite being small and cheap, they are also can improve your house value significantly. So, here are some affordable home improvement ideas that you can do without costing too much;


Getting new shutters can give fresh look to your home. Many stores provide shutters with low price, especially if you can get the plain one. You can paint them yourselves with some left over paint or buying a new paint that suit to your taste. Most of these cheap shutters usually made from faux wood, so they would not cost you too much.

Windows screen

Replacing your windows screen is also another good yet affordable option. Remove the old, dirty and worn out windows screen can make your home look cleaner. Your guest or home prospective buyer feel more welcomed and want to stay a little longer.

Cleaning the windows

You can wash your windows using soap and water. This will remove the dirt that sticking to the glass and the tracks from dust and rain. This will help the sunlight to enter your house through the windows easier.

Your home interior will become brighter and give positive mood to everyone who staying inside the house. Beside washing the windows, you should also wash and clean the frame too or giving them a new color by paint them if the frames is also start to worn out. So, your windows can look fresh and like a brand new.

Garage sale

Get rid all of the stuffs that you do not use it anymore but still valuable and worth of money by holding a garage sale. The stuffs that you keep but no longer used will only make your home and garage look messy, stuff and crowded.

It does not look very appealing to prospective buyer or guests when they are visiting your home. Get rid of those stuffs will make your home and garage look more spacious, cleaner and more attractive for people to look at.

The Advantages of Air Ionizer

The Advantages of Air IonizerIn our society today, we have become more aware about the importance of the air quality that we breathe more than any other time in human history. Many people now live in the cities where the air has become contaminated with unhealthy substances. So, one of the best methods to improve the quality of air that we breathe is by using the air ionizer is either in our office nor our home.

Air ionizers have become quite popular for people who are involved in health care or people who are aware about their environment condition. This appliance often used to treat people who are suffered from fatigue, asthma, allergies, depression and hay fever.

Many business companies are also use the air ionizer in their workplace to improve the air quality and promote their employees’ health and also to improve the employees’ moods and feeling. Therefore, their overall working performance also will become better and improved.

The air ionizer can produce an air stream filled with negative ions without using additional chemicals or filter like the ordinary air purifier. The negative ions will neutralize and eliminate the positive ions in the air.

The positive ions in the air are support and contain many elements that can jeopardize our health such as bacteria, spores, smoke, pollen and dust. Therefore, when the positive ions is neutralize those elements can be eliminate or at least reduced to minimum.

With the air ionizer, people are able to improve the air quality in their indoor environment such as in their home or in their workplace. So, they can maintain their health and stay fit for much longer.

The air ionizer is quite affordable. Therefore, people can easily buy it without costing their money too much. Beside, the advantages of using this appliance are much bigger compare to its price.

Preparing Your Home for Flood II

After getting the flood insurance, there are some precautions that you can do to protect your home from the future flood or at least reduce the flood effects on your home;

If your home is located in the flood zone, you might want to install the anti-flood barriers whether your house is a new or old building. The anti-flood barriers will help to reduce the flood speed.

Keep all the drains around your house clean, so the water can flow smoothly and preventing the water back flow that can make the flood get worse.

You also must clean the home’s gutter regularly, so the rain water does not get clog by dirt and debris and preventing them from entering your home from the roof line.

Plug on the drain for the sewers traps, bathtubs and sinks to avoid the risk of water entering your home from these opening. Remove the drain hose of the dishwasher and washing machine from the outlets.

Use silicone sealant to close the gaps at doors, windows and cracks in the foundations and basement wall.

It will be better if you can move the electrical panel and fuse box to the higher place in your home such as the attic to prevent damages by the flood.

Prepare survival kits for oncoming flood in future. Some equipment that you can include for the survival kits are communication radio, flashlight, spare batteries, first aid kit, basic medication, sleeping bags, rain gears, canned foods and water for few days, some warm clothes and if extra pet’s food and cage if you have pets.

Make an evacuation plan and educate your family with it along getting accustom with the flood warning signs, evacuation routes, local shelter and local weather warning.

Put every important and valuable document in a waterproof container and store it in the place that can be access easily by you and your family member. You might want to consider making a backup of your documents and family pictures in the form of picture file and put it in the CD just in case.

Preparing Your Home for Flood

Preparing Your Home for FloodFor people who live in the area that has a high risk of flooding, they home will require higher attention in maintenance to prepare themselves encase the flood is coming. First of all, they need to find out if their homes are really located in an area with high risk of flooding.

Flood can occurs any time in different seasons. Each season have different risks and chance of getting flood. During and at the end of winter when the snow is melting, it increases the risk of flooding. This is because the ground is still hard or frozen, so this condition will reduces the ground ability to absorb the excess water from the melting snow.

Meanwhile in the warmer season there are different reasons that can cause flood, such as sudden heavy rain can cause flash flood. There are also the risk of the dam is collapse causing massive water entering the residential area. The tropical storm can also bring a lot of water from the sea to the residential area and causing flood. So, you need to find out which risk that can causing flood in the area where your home is.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA provide flood zones rating to various residential areas according to the risks that causing flood such as rain, water flow or storm as one of their service. After you are sure that your home is located in the high risk of flood area, then the next step to prepare for the unfortunate event is to get the flood insurance, since common insurance usually do not include flood in their coverage.

But, before applying for flood insurance, try to find out if local authorities has prepare countermeasure to reduce the flood effects for the areas that have high risk of flooding. You need to mention about it when applying for the insurance, so you might get better deal for the insurance premium rate.