Designing The Front Yard Landscaping II

We will continue the previous discussion about some important elements that can be used for the front yard landscaping design.

Flower plants

There are many landscaping designs that are using seasonal flower plants and mix it with variety of evergreens to add some colors to the front yard landscape. Flower will make the landscape brighter, accentuate the front yard appearance and creating visual effect to the front yard space.

You need to choose the flower that match to your landscaping color to create complementing effect to the front yard.

Build flowerbeds at your house edges, the walkways and the pathways.

Plant the grasses on the area between flowerbeds, so there will be no empty space on your front yard landscaping

Other landscaping elements

Most of the time, the back yard is the private space that often seen by the family member, relatives and friends. Meanwhile the front yard is the focal point that determines the overall looks of your property.

There are other various methods other than utilizing plants and vegetation to improve the front yard and accentuate the appeal from your house such as;

Hardscape design

The pathway and the driveway is an important parts of hardscape elements for the front yard landscaping design. The way you design the pathway and driveway in the front yard will affect the overall looks of the landscaping design.

Homeowners need to select the right material that is suit to the garden style that is used for the landscape. Homeowners could apply curves and lines to improve the looks of their home.

Courtyard appeal

The courtyards often surrounded by fences or walls. Courtyards have interesting features which is often use for private purposes such as intimate seating area, for relaxation and for family gathering.

When planning the courtyards design, homeowners need to pay attention to the lighting arrangement to create private feeling to the courtyards. Many homeowners use professional service to specifically design the courtyards that suit with their request.

Water element for the front yard

Water element such as pond or fountain will make your home appear more stylish and elegant. But, homeowners need to remember to keep the proportional size between the size of the fountain or pond with the size of their front yard for appropriate balanced appearance.

The front yard landscaping design is the determining aspect for your home appeal that represent the overall style from a property. A good front yard landscaping design that look professionally made definitely will improve the appearance of your home.

Designing The Front Yard Landscaping

Landscaping design for your home’s front yard is an important part to build good impression for the overall appearance of your house. This is because the front yard is the focal point of your house which everybody will see it first when entering your home.

It becomes the showcase on the style of the entire house. When designing the front yard landscaping, you need to integrate the hardscape elements, the plants that you choose, and other accessories such as lighting or decorating stones. This is one of the crucial parts in the designing the landscape that can improve your property value.

In designing the front yard landscaping, the areas that need to be pay attention to is starting from the part where your driveway is connect to the road to the outdoor space. A good layout for the front yard design will guide anybody who enters your driveway right to the front door. You can use some decoration to create small path from the driveway to the porch.

Choosing the plants for the front yard

Live plants and vegetation are an important aspect for every landscape designs whether it is for the back yard or the front yard. It is crucial to select the right vegetation such as trees, shrubs, grass and flower plants that can accentuate your garden and your home’s style.

Here are some guides and tips that you can use to choose the right vegetation plan that you can use for your front yard landscaping design.

Tree sizes

Large trees are perfect if you want to create a safe place from the summer sun. They are also able to reduce your home’s temperature if you place them correctly.

Smaller trees such as fruit trees or ornamental trees will add more colors to your home.

Do not use trees that have large or wide leafage or often drop their needles, burrs, acorns etc. close to the driveways.

To improve the appearance, you can use a group of large trees and use it as the focal points from the front yard.

Plant the smaller trees in line to create a path or to make border for your property.


Shrub plants such as boxwoods, evergreen shrubs or classy topiaries are great to improve the texture of your front yard landscaping.

This types of trees often used to make patterns, planted alongside the pathways or as the fences as the property border.

Preparing To Remodel The Basement To Become A Great Bedroom

Families with expanding members often come to conclusion of utilizing their extra space whether using the attic or basement to build extra bedroom. In this article we will discuss about the idea of using the basement as bedroom.

The basement can provide good expansion area for the already established home. Remodeling the basement in to additional bedroom is a good option that is more affordable compare than renovate the house to add an extra room for the additional family member.

The good thing is, there are a lot of great basement bedroom ideas that can be used to accomplish this purpose. The ideas are vary, so you can choose the right one that suit to your basement condition, size and of course your budget. So, you need to adjust the idea with your creativity and making a thorough planning.

Here are few basic steps to prepare your basement before completely remodel it into a bedroom;


After checking all of excellent ideas on how to remodel your basement to a good bedroom, you need to add space walls in the basement.  The easiest method is by installing paneling on the existing basement wall.

But, this method will only create flimsy feel since the wall will be quite thin. There is a better method which is by installing drywall in the basement. After the drywall is installed, you can decorate the wall with paint or wallpaper that suit to the taste of person who is going to use the basement to brighten up the bedroom.

Or, if you want you can use paneling over the drywall to create more luxury feel and style. The drywall will make the basement wall become sturdier, so you can hang wall decorations, cabinets or other ornaments a lot safer.


Another important part that needs to be prepared for the basement remodeling project is the condition of the basement floor. Usually the basement flooring is made from simple concrete layer.

If you let the condition be, the flooring will tend to be very cold especially in the morning even in the summer. This will make your feet suffer from the freezing concrete floor. To prevent this condition and to protect your feet, it will be better if you install carpet over the basement floor as the insulation against the cold and the same time to add more color to the basement bedroom.

With these steps your basement is ready to remodel to become a nice bedroom to stay in. Keep searching for other great ideas that you can use to improve your bedroom basement.

Crown Molding To Accentuate Your House

Crown Molding To Accentuate Your HouseMolding is known as ornamental piece that is used to outline other objects as decoration. Molding can be made from various materials such as plaster, clay, metals, plastic, wood or any other material that can be shaped into molding.

In many houses, crown moldings often used to accentuate both in exterior and interior such as doors, walls, ceiling, windows and many others. Some molding types which often use for this purpose are the chair rails, baseboards and crown molding. In this post we will talk specifically about crown molding or also called as cornice.

Many interior designers are agreeing that crown molding can improve any room in your house. It will make the crossing between walls to ceiling, corners, doors or windows become smoother. It is accentuate the room’s style and design, make the room more beautiful and stylish.

The crown molding is available in various styles, sizes and color. You can find it from the simple pattern or just cove shape to the elaborate pattern large cornice for large houses or entry.

Although the use of cornice in building a house can be traced back all the way to the ancient Greeks and Romans, no one really knows when cornice or crown molding becomes the parts of building’s element. But, at first the use of cornice was rather more as a roof support than decoration.

Since the roof of building in ancient Greeks time most of them are made from heavy stones, the cornice is use as additional support to hold the roof’s weight. Most of the crown molding’s pattern from the ancient Greeks and Romans are still used for the modern cornice till this day.

If you are conducting a crown molding project to decorate your house with several types of cornice, it will be better if you pick the main cornice’s size and style first. The main cornice will become the one that is often used in many areas. And then you can choose other crown molding types and size that match with the main molding.

There are various guides on how to choose the crown molding size, but those guides were not the iron rules in choosing the right crown molding. So, you can have the freedom to choose the one that suit to your taste or trusting the decision to your home designer.